Studia i Materialy "Miscellanea Oeconomicae" 4/2016

“Miscellanea Oeconomicae” is an academic journal, which has been published
since 1996 by the Faculty of Law, Administration and Management of Jan
Kochanowski University in Kielce. This volume Security and Defense in Europe.
Diverging interests, Fragmenting Policy is the third project of Miscellanea
Oeconomicae written wholy in English.
A series of political, economic and security crises have revealed new divisions
among European states, weakening consensus and self-confidence with regard to
European policy frameworks and institutional strength. It is as yet unclear whether
European unity on defence and security questions can be re-established, or whether
Europe is moving into a new era, with increasing importance placed on bilateral
arrangements. Policymakers and Europe’s leaders must now consider these
divergences to identify the most effective approaches to European security and
defence, anticipate shifts in security relationships, and evaluate the ongoing
significance of international institutions.
Therefore, the aim of this book is to define current and future challenges and
opportunities that involve broad sense of contemporary relations in the region of
Europe. This paper will examine changing national and supranational approaches to
security and defence, how and why interests and responses are diverging, the
potential impact on policy and economic developments over the next few years, and
to what extent there is a major and irreversible shift underway in European security
The volume consist of four part, which together include eighteen articles. The
first part of this book is devoted to the political aspects of security in Europe, the
second part – economic and energy security in Europe, third part – military issue of
security, and at least – migration policy in Europe.
I would like to thank the Editor-in-chief of Miscellanea Oeconomicae Professor
Andrzej Szplit for His kindness and help in issuing this volume.
Dr Magdalena Tomala

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