Studia i Materialy "Miscellanea Oeconomicae" 4/2015, tom II

“Miscellanea Oeconomicae” is an academic journal, which has been published since 1996 by the Faculty of Management and Administration of Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce. Currently, the editor-in-chief of the journal is the head of the Institute of Management at the university – Professor Andrzej Szplit.
This volume THE NORTH IN THE WORLD OF ECONOMY AND POLITICS is the second project of Miscellanea Oeconomicae written wholly in English. It has been primarily devoted to economic and political issues relating to the North.
The North is now one of the key area in international relations. The Arctic is first and foremost about people. Four million women, men and children live north of the Polar Circle. The well-being of all Arctic people is fundamental. However, the identity, culture and traditional industries of the indigenous peoples in particular are threatened by climate change.
Economic opportunities, social care and good communications are key to the livelihood of people in the High North. In this context the establishment of the Arctic Economic Council has been an important step.
The Arctic region is changing radically. Average temperatures are rising twice as fast in the Arctic region as they are elsewhere in the world. Arctic sea ice cover was never as small as in 2012. This affects the Arctic population – but it also affects us all. There will be consequences for the whole planet, rising sea levels just being one of them. Hence, global efforts to keep the global temperature rise under two degrees by 2100 must be prioritized. Stronger action on climate change i.a. through energy efficiency and renewable energy is essential. There is a direct link between the work of the Arctic Council and the need for an effective international climate agreement in Paris in December 2015. The Arctic environment is unique and highly sensitive. The extraction of natural resources and the use of renewable resources must take place in a sustainable manner. That the Arctic continues to be a zone of peace and stability is paramount.
Therefore, the aim of the book is to define current and future challenges and opportunities that involve broad sense of contemporary international relations in the Region of the North. Climate change and its political and economic implications make the Arctic currently is a subject of many media reports, policy debates, and scientific analysis. In the North there are plenty of strategic and economic interests concentrated with a growing number of countries, international organizations and corporation. Therefore – thorough the activity of the Arctic Council – cooperation prevails over competition, however, recent concerns about the dangers of transferring conflicts with other parts of the world to the Arctic are not unfounded. The sources of threats are still unresolved issues which concern the protection of the environment in the High North and their impact on the inhabitants of arctic and subarctic. However, it should remembered that what is happening in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic, and this means that it should be the subject of scientific reflection in Poland.
The volume consists of two parts, which together include eighteen articles. The first part of this book is devoted to the political and environmental dimension of the Arctic. The second part deals with political and economic problems in the North.
I would like to thank the Rector of Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, Professor Jacek Semaniak, the Dean of the Faculty of Management and Administration, Associate Professor Wojciech Saletra and the Editor-in-chief of Miscellanea Oeconomicae Professor Andrzej Szplit for their kindness and help in issuing this volume.
Magdalena Tomala

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